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Customized made jeans

What is customized made jeans?

We customize the jeans to your size for free for first time buyer. You could select any style on our site and we customize the size for you.

Be sure to tell us how you want us to alter the pants/ jeans before you check out. 

Please check out the size spec we have for the standard size of our pants, if it does not fit you. you could always request to customize to your size.

Customization means we can alter the following of the pants.

Hems / Inseam

Our standard inseam is 32 inch. If it does not fit you, we could tailor to your inseam.


Either you want to add pockets or erase pockets. We can also do it for you.


We can make extra small or extra large for your size. We can make plus size from US Size 10 up to 40. Just let us know when you check out the jeans.

Low rise, medium rise and high rise

We could make any style into low rise, medium rise and high rise.

Knee, hip and thigh

We could make alterations on knee, hip and thigh. Please make a note when you check out.

Maternity Alternations

We will add a stretch panel into the waistband to any style you pick to make it maternity jeans. We will match the color of panel to the body color of the jeans.

Make your own jeans

Yes. We can do this too. Our fees to make your own jeans is USD$100. Please submit a detailed inquiry on how you want to make it.

For measurements of the pants, please go here

For customization, please allow 14 business days process time.

You pick the style and we do the work!

Please feel free to send us an email if you have any questions!